Monday, February 1, 2010

A Mommy Moment Monday

Its Monday and hubby is back at work after the weekend. Monday is always the day in my household for the kids and I to get back into our normal routine. This includes housework for me; I detest housework! It doesn't help that this is usually the day that I have so much to do because in our family we seem to let things go a bit on weekends because we are out of the house so much. So when the kids take their nap on Monday afternoon I make sure that I take a break too, probably the only one I will get all week! I put my feet up ... make a hot chocolate (just for me) ... and for an hour I do whatever I want, like read a gossip mag or catch up with the ladies of The View. Never feel guilty for taking a much needed break, all other occupations allow them!

Till next time,